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Dedicated Hay Storage

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We're so impressed with California Custom Sheds, in Prunedale, for getting our new hay shed installed today in a mere seven hours (took the two of us a month, in our 'spare time' just to build the goat barn, so now I feel just slightly incompetent).

The crew was extremely professional, thoroughly efficient, and genuinely courteous. We evaluated a lot of options, as we're very picky about construction. This particular company was selected because they're relatively local, they construct their buildings the same way we would build one, and they had a very long list of satisfied customers.

Unlike some shed/barns we looked at, these guys don't cut corners on materials, and use full-sized dimensional lumber, and there's a lot of attention to detail in the construction. If you can dream it, they can probably build it. As we're storing hay, this 'Peak-8' model is fairly basic, but we added extra air vents at the tops of the walls, and in the roof, and installed wide double doors to make loading hay much easier.

Next step...choosing paint colors for the siding and trim. Although as the T 1-11 is already pre-primed, painting should be a breeze. After that, we'll move in the hay, and then convert our existing workshop area (and previous hay storage) in to kidding-central for the 2015 kidding season. With just 5 weeks to go until Lotus kicks off kidding season, we don't have much time to waste, so we're especially grateful this project has been completed two full weeks ahead of schedule!

Love it when things go better than planned!

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